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  • Short Selling
    31 May 2021

    Short Selling

    Short selling is a speculative strategy that focuses on the decrease of the value of financial security. An opposite strategy […]

  • Financial Leverage
    31 May 2021

    Financial Leverage

    Leverage is a tool offered in Forex and CFD investments, which allows to multiply the performance of the asset in […]

  • CFDs: what they are and how they work
    31 May 2021

    CFDs: what they are an...

    CFDs (Contracts for Difference) are derivative financial contracts that replicate the performance of another asset and allow you to invest […]

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    Online Trading Guides for Beginners

    Many of the guides proposed on are suitable for beginners, but we also have content for higher knowledge levels. For this reason we have created specific paths divided into various levels, so each reader, based on his level of knowledge, can consult guides suitable for:

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    • Expert.

    Trading paths and guides that you can find on this page are reviewed and subject to constant updates so that the reader can have information that meets these criteria:

    • Updated;
    • Originals;
    • Qualitative.

    All the guides proposed by © are written by a highly specialized staff with over 13+ years of proven experience in the stock exchange and online trading sector.

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